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Centrica-owned British Gas, which serves around 12 million homes, is preparing to announce as early as today that it is increasing electricity and gas charges in the high single percentage digits.

The average British Gas annual dual-fuel bill for gas and electricity currently stands at £1,260 – meaning a 5pc increase would add £63, while an 8pc rise would put on £100.

A British Gas spokesman said: “We do not comment on future pricing movements. We do not comment on speculation about future pricing movements.”

It is expected that other suppliers will now follow suit and raise their prices. Customers who want to escape these rise can fix their energy prices for up to two winters. The cheapest fix for most people available on the market is with First Utility until March 31 2014, but there are exit fees of £30 per fuel. * people are seeking to fix their Gas prices fro two winters.

British Gas to raise prices as early as today - Telegraph