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Notes can now be exported from GraphicNotes (Chinese version’s name: 图文笔记本) in the latest version of its series of iPhone/iPad implementations!

Notes, with the text part and the figures part, organized as a single PDF file, can be sent out as an e-mail’s attachment. You can then save and read it on your desktop computer, print it out for easier reading, or share it with your friends.

In the Details page of a graphic note, you will see a new “mail icon” in the bottom tool bar. Click this icon, GraphicNotes will generate a PDF file to contain the text part and the figures part of the current note, and then pops up an e-mail sending worksheet page, where you can simply enter the recipients’ e-mail address and hit the “send” button and the note will be sent out!

Other items in the e-mail sending worksheet page have already been preset by GraphicNotes. You don’t need to change those default values, unless you want to add/modify with your own subject, message body, etc.

Inside the exported PDF file, there are mainly three parts: the note title, the note text and the note figures.

The note title appears at the top on each of the PDF pages.

In the first pages, is the text part of the note, which can be in either webpage format or plaintext format. If it is a plaintext formatted note, there will be a datetime string following a “pen icon” in the first page, which indicates the date and time when the note was last modified/created.

In the pages following the text pages, is the figures part of the note. In each page, there will be up to two figures. The figure image and its figure labels (notations, if any) are on the left hand side; and the figure memo (if any) are on the right hand side.

The “GraphicNotes User’s Manual” is now one of the sample notes and can be exported as well! This will make the users much easier to read a print copy of the manual while practicing with GraphicNotes.

Some other new features are also included in this version. The last update datetime and view datetime now show up in the Details page of a plaintext note. This meta data can be seen in other places or can be used in notes search in future versions.

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