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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Black aluminum case   Slim appearance comfortable feel to bring you

First let’s take a look at the the Lenovo A586’s appearance. A586 design in appearance or under a lot of effort. Called arc language crescent exclusive styling make this phone left us a deep impression. Not only with the beauty of lines in the income side of the fuselage around the design, combined with body thickness of 10.4 mm, the phone in hand feel very good.

Lenovo A586

A586 fuselage with a 4.5-inch FWVGA resolution screen, bring a broader viewing angle IPS screen material. At the bottom of the screen is the Menu key, Home key and Back key three touch keys.

Touch buttons

Key interface, A586 and other phones are slightly different, the switch / lock screen button design on the left side. At the top is the microUSB, 3.5 mm headphone jack, the right side of the fuselage volume control buttons.

Power lock screen button in the left

The right side of the volume control button

Top of the headset and data charging interface

A586 with a plastic rear shell, the back of the upper end of a 5 million pixel camera protruding. Feel good, but the plastic shell is easier to leave a stain good scratch.

The back of the fuselage

Lenovo A586 design, large screen and ultra-thin design, the perfect fusion of phone and hold it in the hands of feel good, but after the shell material is a bit disappointing.

Lenovo style system interface

And compared to the first paragraph of Baidu phone Lenovo A586 this phone, Baidu in terms of system interface is not too much interference, instead of using the Lenovo mobile phone based the LenovoMagic4.0 software version of Android4.0.4.

A586 Desktop

Drop-down menu and set the desktop plug

Programs menu

System information to support dual card

System interface, A586 although not too many highlights, but the same strain and Lenovo smartphone style, in conjunction with Baidu cloud application-specific plug-ins can bring us convenient experience.

The rich practical Baidu cloud applications

Lenovo A586 is a built-in smart phones Baidu cloud applications. Built into this phone, Baidu cloud Voice Search, Baidu cloud music player, Baidu the cloud album, Baidu cloud backup and recovery, Baidu search, Baidu network disk, Baidu browser, Baidu map, Baidu input method.

Baidu browser backup and recovery

Baidu Cloud the network disk Baidu input method

Baidu search, Baidu map

Baidu application of these built-in virtually every aspect of our day-to-day use on the phone application. To map navigation from the search, text input, music player, network cloud storage, restore the backup. With these built-in program, the phone started to use that perfect blend of local needs and network requirements, and get your hands on the A586 truly become the Internet cloud phone.

Camera performance

Lenovo A586 with a 5 million pixel camera, the camera’s performance quite satisfactory. We next look through the proofs.

Camera features a relatively simple interface

Shooting proofs

Shooting proofs

Night shoot proofs

Lenovo A586 photographic effect performance, although not too many highlights from the proofs of the results can still be accepted. However, picture noise control is not good, even in good light conditions, the sharpness of the photo is not high enough, the photo is not enough translucent.

Video audio multimedia performance

Lenovo A586 uses a Qualcomm MSM8625 clocked at 1.2GHz processor, multimedia audio and video performance how?

1080p avi video a little card

720p MP4 video playback smooth

We got MP4, AVI format 1080p resolution video using the default player to be played on the A586, pass the test, we found that the video can be played, but not smooth. 720p resolution video playback more smooth.

Local music and online music

Audio we see the the A586 local music and Baidu music integration. Baidu music can be downloaded to genuine music, lyrics, covers and other content can also be easily downloaded to the local, local music and well-organized network music management.

Voiceprint unlock fun and safe

The Lenovo A586 phone has a big selling point is the voiceprint unlock, which is the world’s first.

The voiceprint unlock is by the user to record a voice as a way of unlocking. To make this feature more vivid understanding, we are also a video to show everyone.

Set voiceprint unlock

Hot song unlock unlock hot words

, A586 also provides hot words the unlock and hot song unlock, very interesting, but also greatly improves the security of the phone.

Application compatibility is no pressure

Cooperation with Baidu, whether compatibility makes the phone down it? With this problem, we are in the final to bring the A586 the application test.

Taobao everyday sounds

The temple fled small crocodile love taking a bath

Fruit Ninja HD

World of Goo

We tested frequently used applications and games The A586 all are able to successfully install and run, and run performance is quite smooth. The applications facilitate nothing to worry about.

Endurance performance and summarize

Lenovo A586 uses a 1700 mAh battery. The author in the testing process Unicom 3G mobile 2G dual card online at the same time, open the of Unicom 3G data network and wifi network. Internet one hour a day, turn on background push microblogging letter, listening to music one hour, short interest of 10, 20 minutes of phone. About 24 hours in accordance with the basic use frequency standby can basically guarantee a day of use, performance in general, but if the single card believe endurance performance will be better.

Lenovo A586 uses a 1700 mAh battery


As a cooperation with Baidu Baidu cloud smartphone, the Lenovo A586 has a 4.5-inch large screen, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, from the experience point of view, fully meet the needs of our day-to-day use. Baidu cloud applications built-in phone, many of which are our daily use, the user’s “kidnapping” not too serious.

However, the design of the back of this phone is easy to leave stains and wear. Enough whole feel is quite good. Contact this dual-core phone price thousand dollars less than the $ 999 price is a good choice of big screen entry-level dual-core phone.


1 4.5-inch large screen

Baidu cloud service utility

3 dual-core 1.2GHz processor speed fast enough


1 back of the phone coarser material

The left side of the power button feel general

Attachment: professional hardware to run sub-test

AnTuTu (Super Rabbit)

Super rabbit system evaluation AnTuTu Benchmark is a special phone to Android system, Tablet PC hardware running the software division, it can run a full test project a key memory performance, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D, 3D graphics performance , a number of database I / O, SD card read, write speed performance test, and the phone’s overall and individual performance of the hardware to make score. Upload your score and see the equipment in the world rankings.

Hardware information

Run scored

Quadrant Advanced Edition

Quadrant developed by Aurora Softworks, is a veteran of the mobile device performance testing tool, it tests covering 12 CPU test, a memory test, four I / O tests, a 2D graphics tests, 3 the options 3D graphics test, and final feedback comprehensive results of a test equipment. No equipment GPU unit device can not run the software. Theoretically, the higher the score, the representative of the overall performance of the test equipment hardware, the stronger.

Quadrant Advanced Edition runs scored


Vellamo benchmark application developed by Qualcomm (Qualcomm) (similar Neocore), it allows you to test the performance and stability of the mobile browser, like Java script performance, rendering, networking and user interface. The tool also includes a plurality of sub-items, but we just take the total score, the higher score indicates a higher degree of optimization phone browser, the Web browsing experience better.

Vellamo run points


Linpack benchmark used to test the floating point performance of high-performance computer systems have become the most popular in the international. N times dense linear algebra equations using Gaussian elimination method for solving test, through the use of high-performance computers, floating point performance evaluation of high-performance computers. Relatively computer, the Android Mobile Linpack software relatively simplified some, the latest version contains only single-threaded and multi-threaded two test. As the name suggests, the computing power of the processor, the stronger, the higher the score, dual-core or multi-core processors in the future advantage, to be reflected in the multi-threaded test part, the test results are given to the floating-point operations per second (Flops).

Linpack single-threaded / multi-threaded run scored


Neocore is an OpenGL-ES 1.1 graphics performance benchmark software-based. Play an animation software to open, to be assessed in the final software will run animation software machine, and draw a FPS value. The higher the value, the stronger, said the mobile phone hardware processing capabilities for dynamic image. Accordingly, the higher the screen resolution, the unit area required to render the more pixels, the graphics chip, the greater the load. In other words, the same as the case of the graphics processing chip, the higher the screen resolution, Neocore lower the value, both showed a shift in the relationship.

Neocore results support five touch


NenaMark is a graphics processing  power testing tools for Android smartphones, through a video Demo playback test phone graphics processing unit hardware acceleration capability. Which Nenamark1 applies to all running Android 2.x version of the system’s terminal; Nenamark2 equipment PowerVR SGX 540 and above graphics chip suitable for high-end Android devices.

NenaMark1 run is divided into 44.4fps

NenaMark2 run is divided into 29.8fps


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