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// 2012年12月27日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Millet new millet 2 phone launched in August this year, the aircraft has a Black aluminum  Case Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor, we know that the APQ represents no signal baseband processor Qualcomm processor naming. In other words, millet phone internal control signal is not the processor, but a separate baseband module. Millet generation mobile phone only supports GSM and WCDMA network standard, making the majority of telecommunications users for ages. Millet generation mobile phone simply replace a baseband chip supports the telecommunications standard can be achieved on the support of the telecommunications network. Today, the official website of Sichuan Telecom hang out millet version of the Pre-generation telecommunications connection, millet generation telecom version seems far away from us.

Millet 2 telecommunications satisfaction: 4.66 Rank: Satisfaction - bit product reviews Millet from millet 1 generation Telecom version of the phone. Millet 1 telecommunications phone Netcom eat, and the price and then the millet-generation mobile phone flat are 1999 yuan. I believe millet generation telecom version will also maintain the price of 1999 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that the telecom version millet-generation mobile phone sales in the Black aluminum  Case form of the bare metal Sichuan Telecom official website, users need to pay 200 yuan a predetermined gold, this is somewhat different from the previous situation. Accordance with past practice, millet bare metal usually only be sold at the official website (once where customers and Sina microblogging cooperation) Telecom China Unicom millet can be to contract machine in the form of sales 2 generations.

Anyway, like Sichuan Telecom official said - a fait accompli, millet Black aluminum  Case generation telecommunications version of the phone immediately will meet us. Click here for direct The Sichuan Telecom millet 2 phone booking interface.


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