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 4TH M2 IPHONE 5 Cases High standard configuration models always quite attract the eye, Prior exposure with 1080p touch screen Samsung GT-B9150 has aroused the concern of many people. A few days ago, from foreign websites mobilegeeks message said that the name of Samsung GT-B9150 future GALAXY Q may be equipped with a collapsible 1080p Full HD resolution touch screen, that is, the rumors of a bendable, flexible touch screen.

Will be equipped with a flexible touch screen

In fact, the name of the Samsung GALAXY Q GT-B9150 is not the first exposure, the aircraft will be back in November last year, when rumors that they will be launched at the beginning of this year, and will likely be first with a bendable touch screen smart phone. But with the past, the latest leak test information, the machine’s touch screen resolution 1280 * 762 pixels upgrades in the past has been to clear 1920 * 1080 pixels, excellent display.

Although now still can not fully determine the authenticity of the above statement, but the aircraft models vesting view, it seems that there is still a large possibility. Friend familiar with Samsung phones may all know, the majority of the models of the Samsung mobile phone models in the beginning of the letter B folding models, and positioning are relatively high-end. The exposure of the Samsung GALAXY Q Model GT-B9150 touch screen of the machine might really mean not support 1080p resolution, but also uses a flexible touch screen can be bent and folded bring like a dual general visual effects.

A15 architecture dual core processor

Past Samsung GALAXY Q function information display, the machine is also equipped with the Cortex-A15 ARM architecture-based Exynos 5250 dual-core processor, which speeds up the 1.7GHz frequency, with Mali-T604 graphics processing The actual test the processor run faster Apple A6.

In order to obtain smoother control speed, Samsung also for the aircraft is equipped with 2GB of RAM capacity and equipped with Android4.2 system and dual camera configuration, has a 2-megapixel front camera and 800-megapixel main camera supports automatic focus and 1080p Full HD video recording. Meanwhile, in order to get better battery life, the Samsung GALAXY Q also equipped with 3500 mAh capacity battery.

Launched or MWC2013 Assembly,

Just above statement has not been officially confirmed, and the need special design with flexible touch screen smart phone, there are many components. “Stereotypes” flexible screen phone or want to be the market, such as the touch screen of the Samsung CES 2013 demonstrate a prototype will be on the right has a certain downward sloping angle, in addition to the other part of the off-screen is not require special design, which will ensure the possibility of a flexible screen phone.

According foreign website mobilegeeks say, Samsung This is equipped with the new machine can bend the flexible touch screen may be released in MWC2013 the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona on February 25 officially. , The Samsung GALAXY Q is a flexible touch screen smartphone rumors will soon reveal the answer, interested friends may wish to wait and see.


1080p可弯曲柔性屏 三星GALAXY Q曝光


1080p可弯曲柔性屏 三星GALAXY Q曝光



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