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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Last month, foreign websites exposure of 41 million pixels Nokia Code EOS PureView Lumia series of new machines, and now the latest news confirms upcoming Nokia this high pixel WP8 new machine. According to the British “Guardian” quoted sources of information disclosure, Nokia EOS PureView will be landed on the U.S. market this summer.4the m2 iphone 5

Summer debut  In fact, the British “Guardian” message does not give us more information, just again confirmed Nokia will 41 million pixels PureView with technology is introduced into the the Lumia series carrying WP8 system above only. However, compared to past reports vague launch later say, “The Guardian” this is given a specific time, said the opportunity to hit the U.S. market this summer.

The related statement Nokia EOS PureView will equipped with a 41 million pixel sensor, featuring the Nokia 808 PureView similar. Will have to be able to compress the plurality of pixels to become a pure pixel technology, not only to increase the pixel density to make the photo look more crisp and clear, but also greatly reduces noise in low light conditions.

Aluminum case

As for Nokia EOS PureView, other features, according to past insider information from The Verge, the shell of this new machine will be made of aluminum alloy material, and at right angles to the new exterior design. The rumor has been renowned Italian sources Flavio support foreign the website neowin reports, Flavio released EOS program claimed that Nokia will MWC2013 on Twitter, this is a loaded 41 million pixel camera and PureView technology Nokia Lumia920 upgrade version, and the metal body.

However, the greater the possibility of exposure information from the network point of view, in addition to the Nokia EOS PureView Nokia WP8 new machine, code-named “Laser” and perhaps launch. The reason is that the aircraft has been described as a variant version of the Nokia Lumia 920 and U.S. operator Verizon customized models. According to Nokia CEO’s position, as well as the disclosure of information by the foreign media point of view, this new machine may be named Nokia Lumia922, then landed on the U.S. market in the first quarter of this year.

New Lumia phones coming soon

Reported after foreign websites GSMArena, Nokia will be the first day of the opening of the General Assembly in the MWC2013 mobile world, which is held at 9:00 on February 25 conference, that time may be the formal launch of the new smartphone. Unclear Nokia this conference, but because during last year’s show, Nokia introduced the Nokia PureView 808 and Nokia Lumia610 are so many media expected Nokia should be in the exhibition there will be an amazing feat.

From all the indications in the conference, Nokia is likely to be launched the new WP8 systems Lumia phone As for the specific models you might Nokia Lumia920 the subsequent version or upgrade version. As for the the rumored Nokia EOS PureView officially released, let us wait and see.


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