iPhone5 strongest sets: protection Case + mobile power + bracket

// 2013年2月28日
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iPhone5 strongest sets: protection Case + mobile power + bracket

If you are an Apple iPhone 5 users, if you’re really worried about the iPhone 5 battery life time is too short, if you are also worried that the iPhone 5 the Case Diaoqi, if you want the liberation of his hands when watching movies …… if you meet all of the above assumptions, then congratulations, you iPhone 5 have saved, NuCharge you think anxious you are worried, iPhone 5 protective Case of NuCharge grand debut.

NuCharge tailored for Apple’s iPhone 5 this protective shell includes several features as follows:

Provide additional 1900 mA battery

IPhone 5 accidental fall protection

Has a variety of colors

Charging for the iPhone 5, does not affect the USB data exchange

5 can be deformed into a small bracket

Protective shell does not block the LED lights

iPhone5 strongest sets: protective shell + mobile power + bracket (picture from phonearena)

But this can not be considered too cheap, interested friends can log on the the http://www.fashionphonecase.com official website for further understanding.