Review Clear-Coat Aurora iPhone 5 Skin

// 2013年5月23日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:



We’ve reviewed numerous types of skins for gadgets in the past, but there’s aproblem. A lack of originality. Up until today skins were available in clear, matte, textured or featured some distinct artwork, and that has trickled into a repetitive cycle with every new device released into the market. One skin after another device certainly gets stale like an expired dried up cracker, and well as obvious as your existence right this moment.

But you can tell by that there iPhone 5 above this text that this review about this particular skin is anything but stale and ordinary. Clear-Coat’s new Aurora for iPhone  skins, which are currently available for the iPhone 5 as well as the iPhone 4/S, are a new kind of breed with unique color shifting abilities to set them apart from the usually clear and textured carbon fiber skins which we are all very familiar with these days. If you’re planning on going to a rave party soon, you’ll definitely want to check this stuff out. The full review awaits you down below!



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