Review WaterField Outback Sleeve for 13″ Retina MacBook Pro

// 2013年5月23日
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For those not to familiar with WaterField bags, don’t worry, they aren’t advertised anywhere, they aren’t sold locally, and actually you wouldn’t even know they existed unless you were looking for a carrying bag or sleeve. I will tell you this though, there’s nothing like a company that offers the consumer the ability to customize the product they want. Wait what? I can get a sleeve in a vertical or horizontal format? I can get a laptop bag with or without a shoulder strap? These are just a few options that make WaterField Designs quite unique in its own way and honestly that makes for a successful company. Plus it’s a company based out of San Francisco so you know we are going to show them some love. They were kind enough to send out their Outback Sleeve for the Retina MacBook Pro and we have been testing it out for a few weeks. Come on in and join the picture viewing party to see if this sleeve deserves your precious laptops protection.



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