Review iPhone6 new concept: Wireless Charging + waterproof + Notification LED

// 2013年5月24日
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If you are an already switched from the iPhone - or that is about to switch to Android / WindowsPhone camp consumers, the main reason is what? Some might say that iPhone is too closed, before the release of jailbreak tool can not play; Some might say that the iPhone’s Desktop continue to use for several years, there have been fatigued; Of course, some people will think the iPhone screen is too small, use them without satisfaction.

IPhone has a large screen is a lot fruit fans for Apple’s greatest expectations, but unfortunately Cook has Fangchuhualai: mature technology will not be considered until further expand the iPhone’s screen. Since the official big screen iPhone Yao without a trace, we work together to enjoy civil right. Designers RanAvni and UygarKaya jointly released a few days ago on the concept of a iPhone6 ​​video, brought us on the big screen iPhone expectations.

Of course, if only for expanding the iPhone’s screen, it will be a failure of the concept of work, after all, such a design we’ve seen a lot. In fact, this two designers bring new work is mainly carried out for the imaginary phone’s features, such as wireless charging function, waterproof and dustproof function, notification LED effects, wide viewing high-definition screen and so on. After reading the following introduction video, you will have a better understanding of: Sell Best Aluminum Bumper Metal iphone Case ,Metal Case for iphone 5, with a wide variety of styles and colors. Free Shipping and Quality Guaranteed.



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