Meizu Decade: Behind the old employees Meizu these years

// 2013年5月26日
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The past eight years, the only time the interview


First came to Zhuhai, because Meizu. A stay for eight years, I recall, job seekers’ children paper “There is no thought of long-term sustainable development, I believe, for a 22-year-olds who want to adapt to society is the first step. Time proved, have been here before in my life properly take three steps forward.

I came from a non-professional people, thank Meizu inclusive, so that I can start from scratch. For people who after 80. Abandon their studies for other industries, the probability of occurrence is at least 70%. Remember the interview dialogue director, you now what you can do, you can do in the future, the day of the dialogue scenes I will never forget. Because it is the only time I’ve ever interview experience.

Attentive, professional, focused -

Came Meizu is in the heyday of the music player, the network spread water from the wind, computer stores in full swing. Canglongwohu various forums. Every couple has their own busy. Product launches, to promote the dissemination, floor activities, interactive forums, trade exchanges. The rapid development of the Internet, with its own technology products have undergone a process of iterative excitement and sense of pride still vivid. Many people will ask. High viscosity your forum user What is the secret? I think it was really sincere conversion to stick.

In a stressed attentive, professional, focused unified culture, science and technology enterprise, the pursuit of the ultimate product, deeply moved by the owner. I believe that, following years of staff feelings are also derived. Abide by their own, maintaining focus, we can encounter on the idea of ​​youth is limited to marriage, fortunately wealth.

Do what you love, do users like the product, perform the dream and the line, the more unconventional imagination -

Not everything will be smooth sailing, and the second year I feel more of a challenge for the industry and inner discipline, from the depth of their own growth and transformation of the company. From the player to the phone, from the forum culture to culture charm friends home from the computer store to store, advocate doing what you love, do users like the product. Gradually mature, calm, precise and unambiguous. Personal growth and corporate culture of the game, understanding, identity, forward do not look back. Some say it is to be “brainwashed” symbol, I always stand up against others give my evaluation. Blind obedience does not bind their thinking is brainwashed, convinced that I believe can be clearly seen in the direction of active identity is called the like-minded. . Because we firmly believe that go there are dreams, dreams are not uniform rhetoric, is a cool adjective, has fulfilled the dream of the company, with its own small wish. There’s no conflict.

Goes far faster pace than the more important -

Goes far more important than a faster pace. This sentence can be interpreted a lot. Toward the product until it great. Shouted the heart’s dream, not a person can achieve greatness, you need more people to come together to build on. Great product is not a single substance, but rather the process of ideology, it is life. Not only your work, but also to have your life, your feelings, your world.

Looking back on these years, and my heart there is a heavy sense of fulfillment, full of positive energy. Immune, Jianshantianxia. Maybe not so great, but awe.


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