Review Sony big killing device “One Sony” flagship machine exposure

// 2013年5月27日
字体 - Sony hopes to gain more in the field of smart phones, and now they are moving in this direction and efforts. Earlier today, the foreign media are given the news that Sony will learn Samsung, namely the establishment of a positioning flagship Xperia sub-brand, its flagship Galaxy S series is like that. From the current situation, Sony and more popular is One Sony strategy, the simple point that the series phone combines Sony all related technologies (only launched a year). Now sources claimed that, One Sony’s first flagship series is being developed in close, and it incorporates Sony’s Cyber-shot and two ace Walkman.

Review_Sony_big_killing_device The phone codenamed Honami, equipped with 5-inch 1080p screen, the panel may be Sharp 2000:1 Contrast VA touch screen, it may be produced by White Magic 2000:1 JDI’s Contrast IPS-NEO touch screens. In addition, the machine is also equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM (or greater), the built-in battery capacity of 2700-3000mAh or so, to support LTE 4G network, and have three features. Meanwhile, the message also said, Honami the sound quality will be between Walkman XZ and Walkman Z, between its also equipped with a 20 million pixel camera with Xenon Xenon + dual LED flash, and the camera will pass like the Nokia 808 PureView “oversampling “(oversampling) to reduce photo size, while a large number of pixels in the full use of the information. Again, due Walkman, CMOS, and the great advantages of the camera, the Sony if you want to create such an invincible flagship, is not difficult, the key is Sony’s integration within easy thing to do? Rumors of a One Sony will debut in July, we’ll see.



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