moshi iGlaze armour Metal Case for iphone 5 White

// 2013年5月28日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

moshi iGlaze armour Metal Case for iphone 5  White  Product Features       Slim and stylish, perfect fit cover with aluminum diamond cut through metal back       IPhone did not affect the freedom of all control buttons and jacks       Scratch protection film included on the back, which can effectively prevent dust and debris, keeping the perfect body Seamless  Product Description 

Moshi iGlaze Armour for iPhone 5 slim aluminum protective shell, simple and elegant, extraordinary temperament, let your iPhone show remarkable style. iGlaze Armour diamond cutting process has been handled aluminum backplate, so you have a unique metallic touch, displaying extraordinary elegance; their high toughness PC frame, it can protect your iPhone from scratches and external shocks. iGlaze Armour did not affect the iPhone jack of all keys and their normal use, but also can use the iPhone’s built-in flash Xpress photographs. iGlaze Armour thin aluminum protective housing among low-key for your iPhone provides excellent protection and let your iPhone unique style. 

moshi_iGlaze_armour_Metal_Case_for_iphone_5_White   moshi_iGlaze_armour_Metal_Case_for_iphone_5_White  moshi_iGlaze_armour_Metal_Case_for_iphone_5_White  moshi_iGlaze_armour_Metal_Case_for_iphone_5_White  moshi_iGlaze_armour_Metal_Case_for_iphone_5_White  moshi_iGlaze_armour_Metal_Case_for_iphone_5_White


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