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// 2013年6月3日
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Xu is rumored to be released in July because of the recent news about Nokia EOS fired a hot variety. According to the latest disclosure from foreign websites WPCentral news that U.S. carriers AT & T has begun testing the Nokia EOS, but the internal code-named Elvis. Rumors polycarbonate material body, the thickness is thinner than the Nokia Lumia920 on 1 mm, and the machine can support the camera when 35 million pixels and 5-megapixel photo output two resolutions, expected July 9 officially released.full metal iphone case

9.7 mm body According to foreign websites WPCentral latest disclosure statement, Nokia EOS has been in U.S. carriers AT & T there for testing, but the internal code name was Elvis. However, both the code EOS or Elvis, its overall functionality and features and not much different, will have a yellow appearance and the use of a polycarbonate material body, but in the case of function significantly upgraded, but the thickness of the aircraft thinner than on the Nokia Lumia920 1mm, about 9.7mm or so. Nokia EOS is also equipped with a resolution of 1280 × 768 pixel OLED touch screen, has a more prominent camera, with a 41 million pixel sensor, and is equipped with Xenon flash, preloaded with the Nokia Pro Camera support manual camera application software. And the more magical place is a machine able to take two photos were taken through oversampling 35 million pixel photos to sharing sites and the provision of 500 million pixels of compressed samples. In other words, Nokia EOS first two photographs, one for saving, while another is used to share. WP8 GDR 2 system version The EOS is also equipped with Nokia WP8 GDR 2 V8.0.10322.71 firmware version provides FM radio and flip mute function. Nonetheless, while the machine offers 32GB of storage capacity, but does not support memory card expansion still somewhat regrettable. In addition, as in the past leaked information display Nokia EOS will have two versions, namely the dual-core and quad-core versions, and in some functional specifications there will be some differences. Therefore, in contrast to the leaked configuration, version being tested should be is this Nokia EOS EOS V1. As another version is rumored to be equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 quad-core processor, the touch screen may even be upgraded to 1080p resolution and is equipped with WP8 GDR 3 system version. This version is only rumored performance seems relatively poor battery life, so Nokia will launch in July the first dual-core version.

Fastest July release In the past time around the release of the Nokia EOS have always been two versions, one will be launched this summer, the specific time for the July 9, but another way of saying it is released in the summer and autumn, the specific time for the beginning of September Nokia World conference. And if the argument based on the past, Nokia EOS international versions to be introduced to the U.S. version after 1-3 months before debut. Therefore, the code-named Elvis (Nokia EOSV1) Nokia new machine will likely be released in July. The international version of Nokia EOS you may want to two months after the Nokia World Congress will be officially released.



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