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// 2013年6月5日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

The iPhone has been out a while, but new cases for it keep arriving. Update, April 11, 2013: Added Skech Lisso Book and Otterbox Armor Series cases. What’s the best one? Very hard to say. The problem is that everybody has different tastes in cases. And, of course, some folks choose not to bother with them at all. In doing this roundup, I’ve tried to present a good selection of products, highlighting some of the better cases that have hit the market — or are about to. But this is by no means a “best of” list, and it’s also not complete. I’m still waiting for several other cases to hit the market, and as I sort through all the new ones and actually get my hands on them, I’ll add and remove products from the list. As always, if you have any cases you’d like to recommend (or don’t care for), please add your two cents in the comments section. Note: The list is in alphabetical order, not by ranking. If you don’t agree with our choices or feel we missed some, please submit a comment, and I’ll consider making changes in my next update of the list. Metal Case For Iphone 5

Element Sector 5 Black Ops iPhone 5 Case Black


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