Review 41 million pixel Nokia EOS first exposure

// 2013年6月6日
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Review 41 million pixel Nokia EOS first exposure Nokia EOS believed to be a lot of people eagerly looking forward to the object, along with the release date of this phone near the network finally broke the real machine spy photos. According to foreign website GSMArena exclusive exposure of the real machine photos show Nokia Nokia Lumia920 EOS has similar shape, and in the back of the fuselage with a large lens assembly.Metal Case for iphone 5 Real machine first exposure

million_pixel_Nokia_EOS_first_exposure million_pixel_Nokia_EOS_first_exposure_1 According to foreign website GSMArena exclusive exposure of the real machine photos, the Nokia EOS style in shape even closer with Nokia Lumia920 also follows the same airframe material polycarbonate, which is consistent with previous rumors closer. Same side of the fuselage through the leaked photos, we also find Nokia EOS body is actually relatively slim, only part of the built-in camera slightly protruding. As we are concerned about some of the camera, the Nokia EOS design on the back has a prominent lens assembly, and as rumors put it in the top of the lens mount a secondary focus and xenon flash lamp. Although it is unclear camera specifications of information, but through exposure on Twitter Nokia EOS lenses local photos show that Nokia will be worth with PureView technology and Carl Zeiss lens, but unfortunately megapixel camera and not marked. 4.5 inches touch screen According to foreign websites WPCentral previously disclosed information display, Nokia EOS will use polycarbonate body, the Nokia Lumia920 thinner than 1mm, about 9.7mm or so, has a more prominent camera. In addition, Nokia EOS is also equipped with a resolution of 1280 × 768 pixel 4.5-inch OLED touch screen that provides 32GB of storage capacity, but does not support memory card expansion. Nokia EOS also uses a 41 million pixel sensor, preloaded with the Nokia Pro Camera support manual camera application software. And the more magical place is a machine able to take two photos were taken through oversampling 35 million pixel photos to sharing sites and the provision of 500 million pixels of compressed samples. In other words, Nokia EOS first two photographs, one for saving, while another is used to share. Fastest July release Nokia EOS will be equipped with WP8 GDR 2 system, providing an FM radio and a flip mute function. Meanwhile the past leaked information display Nokia EOS will have two versions, namely dual-core and quad-core versions, and in some functional specifications there will be some differences. And if the exposure of the real machine will be released in July, then is expected to be dual-core version of Nokia EOS V1. As another version is rumored to be equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 quad-core processor, the touch screen may even be upgraded to 1080p resolution and is equipped with WP8 GDR 3 system version. According to recent foreign media reports, Nokia EOS will probably officially on July 9 release. But by the U.S. carrier AT & T exclusive debut, and then will be in the 1-3 months after the launch of the international version.Metal Case for iphone 5



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