Review Meizu charm blue or will debut on the 13th launch of the new

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Review Meizu charm blue or will debut on the 13th launch of the new The day before yesterday we had reported the codename “charm blue” Meizu new machine message, it was thought that the opportunity to June 10 release. However, recently there are users in the Baidu Post Bar broke the news that has just opened a hotline Meizu 400 computer recording shows that Meizu will be released in June 13 the new machine, and simultaneously open book. Therefore, if no accident, then, rumors of a “Blue Charm” mobile real release date should be June 13. Metal Case for iphone 5

Meizu_charm_blue1 Meizu_charm_blue Officially released next Thursday This time on the “charm blue” phone release date rumors from a connected computer Meizu 400 hotline before recording, which reads as follows: “Dear Customer, Hello! Welcome to call Meizu company June 13, Meizu has officially release new phone, where in the 13th to the 16th to make your reservation users will receive EP21 one. stay tuned!’re for you switch to manual services, in order to ensure quality of service, your call may be recorded, please wait. ” Although Meizu did not disclose more information about this new phone, but because Meizu MX3 obviously not released in the near future, so will the recent release of the latest burst of “Charm Blue” mobile naturally become the chosen one. In addition, the “charm blue” phone last burst of June 10 release date coincided Dragon Boat Festival holiday, so next Thursday (June 13) is more likely to be officially released. Thousands of smart phones Despite the seemingly “Charm Blue” mobile phone released in the near future no suspense, but the machine in the end is to get the 3C certification Meizu M045, or users in the Baidu Post Bar said Meizu M035, now there is no clear information. But at least be sure that the “charm blue” phone will have a breathing light blue and blue back shell design, and will be a thousand Yuan smartphone. Nevertheless, the “charm blue” phone’s hardware configuration or reached a certain level. Loaded with 4.0 inches 960 × 640 pixel resolution touch screen, and full-body process also uses lamination technology. Equipped Flyme systems to support mobile TD-SCDMA network and built-in Samsung Orion 4212 pairs core processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage capacity, support for memory expansion, and built the Sony 8-megapixel back-illuminated camera. Or sale of 1399 yuan Accordingly, the consolidated currently available information point of view, this “magic blue” phone is not TD version Meizu MX2, but a brand-new models, including body size, machine configuration, price positioning will take a new route. According to previous users in the same time broke the news, the aircraft is expected to be officially on sale in mid-June, the future market price of 1,399 yuan, the cost aspect will be an advantage. However, the above statement has not been officially confirmed Meizu, so this “magic blue” phone in the end is the Meizu Meizu M035 or M045 to be further verified. Fortunately, now distance rumored June 13th release date is not far away, in the end is to publish TD version Meizu Meizu MX2 or main low-end market, “charm blue” phones or let us wait and see.Metal Case for iphone 5



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