Deff Cleave Metal Bumper Aero Case for iPhone 5 Red Grey Review

// 2013年6月14日
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Deff Cleave Metal Bumper Aero Case for iPhone 5 Red Grey 
Deff Cleave Aluminum Bumper Aero for iPhone 5 Feature: 
Three-dimensional design special limited model 
Beautiful CNC machine curve line 
it features a TPU bumper on the inside that’ll provide better shock-absorption and complete isolation from metal on metal contact 
Each Cleave Aero comes with thin inner TPU bumper that you can see forms a parameter around the front and back sides of the iPhone 5 while also serving as the Aero’s volume and power buttons. Will not interfere with signal reception 

Quick Overview It’s an interesting new look for the Deff Cleave and soon to be Draco Aero that will let you color-customize your bumper straight out of the box.The sleek style makes it simple to slide into your pocket. You have no reason to not have one right now!