6.4-inch giant screen Sony XL39h priced 719 euros Review

// 2013年6月25日
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Sony Xpeia Z Ultra’s official release can be described as high-profile, this cross-border sales of flagship final price is the focus of attention. Recently, the official website of the Netherlands from Sony’s press release announced the answer for us. It is reported that Sony Xpeia Z Ultra official suggested retail price of 719 euros.

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Official price released As Sony’s first cross-border intelligence flagship model, the Sony Xpeia Z Ultra in the end to how to market prices of natural human attention. The official website of the Netherlands from the Sony press release information point of view, the price of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra can be described as very expensive retail prices of up to 719 euros, converted into RMB about 5784 yuan or so, than the original Samsung GALAXY Note 2 in European prices even higher. While on the phone time to market, although Sony’s official release date scheduled for the third quarter of this year, but it seems this new machine to market in the European market will be relatively slow, and even according to the BBC, Sony Xperia Z Ultra going to nine month will start selling in the UK and other markets. Domestic market debut Fortunately, like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra domestic users do not worry about the long wait. Because the aircraft will be selected first in the Chinese market and is scheduled to visit the domestic market in late July. It is reported that Sony Xperia Z Ultra’s mainstream model XL39h, and available in black, white, purple, and three colors. As we are concerned about the price of the licensed version, the sources had been revealed on the microblogging information, allegedly Sony Xperia Z Ultra licensed version is priced at 5,599 yuan, and will be presented charging cradle. Although unconfirmed news, but because of the information disclosed by whistleblowers has always been more accurate, so I believe the future Sony Xperia Z Ultra licensed version at $ 5,000 above-market price should be not much suspense.

Has three first Despite this Sony Xpeia Z Ultra price of some unattainable, but taking into account the aircraft owned by the powerful, many still give people the feeling of value for money. First, the size of the aircraft loaded with 6.44-inch touch screen, touch screen size is currently the largest smart phone, but according to Sony outlets on the microblogging argument, which also uses touch-screen material is IPS material. Secondly, the aircraft also joined the Sony Triluminos color display technology, but according to the listing of the licensed version called sooner because of the reason that the aircraft carrying the X-Reality Kyokushin imaging techniques require subsequent upgrades to achieve. In addition, Sony Xperia Z Ultra also has a 6.5mm slim body, is the thinnest smartphone 1080p Full HD screen, and brings any pen handwriting. In addition to the continuation of the high levels of three anti-IP58 features, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the first with a 800 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphone, combined Andrid 4.2.2 system and 2GB of memory, can bring more fluid control experience .

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