Apple iPhone 5S confirm with A7 processor Review

// 2013年6月25日
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Apple news site MacRumors last week revealed two iPhone 5S real machine spy photos, shows us this new machine dual LED flash and a larger capacity battery. And now, MacRumors iPhone 5S again exposed a few prototype latest photos, and for the first time confirmed the machine will use the new Apple A7 processors.

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With A7 processor From this MacRumors exposure of the real machine photos, we can easily find iPhone 5S uses processor model APL0698, equipped with the iPhone 5 in the A6 model APL0598 processor, and the fourth-generation iPad models used The A6X processor for the AP5598 have a significantly different. This means that Apple iPhone 5S will use the A7 processor, rather than improved version of the A6 processor. According to Apple’s processor model naming convention, the first one processor model numbers change means improved version, while the second digit means that the change is the new A-series processors. Such as Apple’s A5 processor past the initial model for the APL0498, and subsequent smaller models compared APL2498. As for the Apple TV earlier this year appears A5 processor model APL7498. Although these processor model is changing, but because of the second type are not changed, so the same belong A5 series processors.


Or TSMC foundry But this time appearing on the processor chip code K1A0062 also caused a lot of people’s attention, according to the chip company Chipworks dismantling of Dick James and Jim Morrison speculated that begin with the last apple processor chip code starts with N, are expressed as Samsung OEM products. But this time beginning with K chips appear, it may mean that this A7 processor may be caused by TSMC TSMC foundry. However, after the news that TSMC TSMC foundry A7 processor shipments until next year, so this appears in the iPhone 5S mysterious chip test version does not exclude the possibility. Some Unfortunately, the current Apple A7 processor performance not know much about. However, according to earlier media reports that the processor may use 28-nanometer process technology in addition, the exposure of the iPhone 5S back yet again shows a partial picture of the opportunity to use the dual LED flash, but the camera will ever be upgraded to 12 million pixels there is no clear view. According to previous media reports, Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be officially released in September this year, the Hong Kong-line version will be on sale in October. And Swift-core architecture, is expected to continue dual-core configuration, but will be upgraded to a GPU PowerVR SGX6 series, but also the low-power processor’s outstanding features.


September release Apple iPhone 5S processor also uses Elpida DRAM, and the same with the A6 processor is 1GB. Simultaneously displayed on the DRAM date code of 1239, which means that the processor’s DRAM production date of September 2012, which indicates that the prototype which appeared earlier time. Sell Best Aluminum Bumper Metal iphone Case ,Metal Case for iphone 5, with a wide variety of styles and colors. Free Shipping and Quality Guaranteed.