Chuan Apple iPhone 5S or September 18 release Review

// 2013年6月27日
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Apple’s next iPhone though frequent exposure, but in the end when they will be released is unknown. However, according to foreign technology website Currenteditorials citing people familiar with disclosure of the news that Apple will be held on September 18 this year, officially released a new generation of iPhone, and is scheduled for September 27 listed for sale. Biography September 18 release

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For the next generation of Apple iPhone’s release time, had also been some media reports, but basically limited to September or October of this relatively obscure period of time. And this foreign technology website Currenteditorials is given a specific date, based on their quoted informed sources disclosed the news that Apple will be on September 18 this year, officially released a new generation of iPhone, and is scheduled for September 27 listed for sale. And for this website reports, the industry gives two entirely different reactions. Some views that last year Apple also released in September iPhone 5, so a single from the time point of view, then the September 18 release of the next iPhone high degree of accuracy. While others considered that Currenteditorials media sources did not disclose details of the configuration and the new iPhone, the message authenticity is doubtful. The next generation iPhone or already in operation Although it is unclear the specific name of Apple’s next iPhone, but the currently available information, the name will be officially released iPhone 5S possibility of very large. According to the latest day on the microblogging exposure photo shows, iPhone 5S front panel has appeared in the workshop, which indicates that the aircraft has been put into production. According to past practice, the general conference was held in the new iPhone will begin production before March. Therefore, this also shows that the next generation iPhone is indeed possible officially released in September. According to the previously leaked information shows that Apple iPhone 5S will use four inches IGZO display with a resolution of 1136X640 pixels, support the global 4G network (including mobile TDD), and will bring fingerprint to unlock and NFC payment capabilities. Apple is also the Home button for the machine design a special LED light indicator when unlocking or a successful payment, LED lights will flash. 8 megapixel camera According to the latest exposure of the internal phone photo shows Apple iPhone 5S will be equipped with A7 processor, which features using the 28-nanometer process technology and Swift-core architecture, but will be upgraded to a GPU PowerVR SGX6 series, but also the low-power processing The outstanding features. It is worth mentioning that recent evidence also shows that Apple iPhone 5S is equipped with a two-color LED intelligent flash. Meanwhile according to the relevant statement, the aircraft will also be able to send out LED flash white and yellow light, which is different from the previous iPhone. And with phone light sensor, iPhone 5S can be based on ambient light automatically turns on one or two flash. However, informed sources, Apple iPhone 5S camera specifications will remain 8 million pixel level. Sell Best Aluminum Bumper Metal iphone Case ,Metal Case for iphone 5, with a wide variety of styles and colors. Free Shipping and Quality Guaranteed.