July release Nokia EOS or renamed Zoom Review

// 2013年6月27日
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Samsung will own camera phone named GALAXY S4 Zoom, but now looks Nokia seems to have such a plan. Recently, according to foreign reports website My Nokia Blog, Nokia has to the European Union trademark database (CTM) submitted a trademark file “Nokia Zoom”. Since the mark is classified as smart phones or tablet computers and other equipment to use, so “Nokia Zoom” is also possible that in the future Nokia EOS released the official name.


Registered trademarks of exposure According to foreign websites My Nokia Blog reports from the European Union trademark database (CTM) released information indicating that Nokia submitted on May 30 this year, called “Nokia Zoom” is a registered trademark. Although it is unclear as to pass the mark of the specific meaning, but because of the trademark is an international ninth category, which is for smartphones or tablet computers and other equipment to use, so there is anecdotal information that “Nokia Zoom” will probably be the future of Nokia EOS The official name when it is published.

July_release_Nokia_EOS_or_renamed_Zoom_Review_3 Prior to this, Nokia has mocked on Facebook Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom’s body is too thick, and the exposure of the conference will be on the invitation theme for “Zoom Reinvented”, which is “re-invent the zoom.” Thus, the future of Nokia EOS perhaps the zoom function on the new features will be unusual, and thus the focus of future promotion. Therefore, from this perspective, the Nokia EOS future or named “Nokia Zoom” is also still possible to do. 41 million pixel camera And in fact, this title does not affect the future Nokia EOS models with Lumia1020 this stage, just as the original Nokia 808 PureView particularly prominent names in the same camera. In other words, if you feel Nokia Lumia1020 read up a mouthful, but you can call directly to the machine as “Nokia Zoom”, not only user memory, and also had an outstanding future marketing focus. Of course, “Nokia Zoom” Another possibility is that as an upgraded version of PureView technology introduced features such as a brand, will merge PureView oversampling techniques and lossless zoom function, but also excellent OIS optical image stabilization and stereo recording feature, you can take pictures and videos to the user to be more outstanding performance. According to foreign sites previously leaked information that Nokia EOS camera is equipped with 41 million the first time be able to take two photos, one for saving 35 million pixels, a 5-megapixel photos are for sharing.


July 11 release According to informed sources disclosed that the news that the production version of the EOS Nokia will continue polycarbonate material, as well as classic Lumia colors. In addition, Nokia EOS will be equipped with 4.5 inches AMOLED touch screen, supports 768 × 1280 pixel resolution and has a sub-pixel density of 332ppi, equipped with the latest version of the system and built-in WP8 GDR2 Qualcomm dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM provides memory and 32GB of storage capacity, but does not support memory card expansion. Metal Case for iphone 5, It is reported that Nokia will be U.S. Eastern Time on July 11 at 11:00 am in New York held a new conference officially released the Nokia EOS.