Review Lowepro Pro Messenger AW Camera Bag

// 2013年6月29日
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Lowepro, the name rings a bell even if you’ve never owned a camera once in your life. It’s a name that can be trusted, a brand you’d consider to be at the top of your list when time comes to search for that perfect camera bag. My first camera bag was a Lowepro, and chances are yours was too. And although Lowepro has a strong repertoire for making backpacks, the company also makes slings and shoulder bags designed to carry camera gear in comfort. The most recent shoulder bag to come out is Lowepro’s Pro Messenger AW series of photographer-friendly soft sided bags that can carry pro-sized gear just as well as prosumer and entry-level camera gear. Will it be worthy of your precious gear? There’s only one way to find out,,Metal Case for iphone 5,