Review NuForce HP-800 Headphones

// 2013年7月1日
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Reasonably priced headgear isn’t hard to come by, but if you’re looking to get great quality sound then that can add up quick. If there’s one company that specializes in good sounding audio products that are reasonably priced, it’s NuForce. Although NuForce is well known for its highly regarded desktop and portable amps, the company makes some of the more audio-attentive, audiophile geared in-ear headphones on the market. Our recent review of NuForce’s NE-700M/X concluded that they are a hard pair of in-ears to beat at the $65-$75 mark as they offered excellent sound.

NuForce’s HP-800 are the company’s first attempt at an over-ear headphone variant to join its acclaimed lineup of solid performing in-ear headphones - which the company claims to offer audiophile-grade, monitoring-class audio performance at a reasonably priced value. To a lot of us money is a big factor, and the question is can NuForce really deliver an affordable monitor-class pair of over-ear headphones? Can it once again deliver exceptional value for far less dough than the leading giants? You can count on us to give you the answer as we’re going to be taking a deep and intrusive look at NuForce’s HP-800 headphones.