G10 iPhone 5 Case Element Case Ronin Titanium

// 2013年7月16日
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Designed and built by a company many call avant-garde in California, the Ronin is Element Case’s  flagship and most exquisite iPhone 5 case. But we’re not here to review Element Case’s standard Ronin case made with exotic South American Bocote hardwood and anodized aluminum. Instead, we have got our hands on the new Ronin Titanium G10 edition case for the iPhone 5 which is the most expensive thing Element Case has ever introduced. Just to hear how much one of these limited edition cases cost requires a glass of water and you sitting down. A Titanium G10 Ronin case will suck your wallet dry in a blink of an eye because it costs $350. That’s nearly as much as what a new 64GB iPhone 5 retails for.

Price aside, this is probably the most premium case we have ever looked at. Are you curious to know what a $350 case is all about? Then be sure to catch our exclusive, in-depth review after the jump!