Zombies 2 started evaluation Aluminum Case for iphone 5

// 2013年7月16日
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Zombies 2  started evaluation Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Alarm clock to wake me from a dream, bleary-eyed glance Time: July 10, 2013. Beautiful day is about to begin, get up, wash, eat breakfast, everything as usual. Oh, yes, there is that to continue to wait for “Zombies 2″ mood.

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This may be a true portrayal of a lot of players from EA officially announced “Zombies 2″ (Plants Vs Zombie 2), the time to confirm shelves, and then finally bounced accident, has made hundreds of thousands of alpacas in a lot of people’s minds and galloped off. EA must be very good performances, so sneaking ahead of the game once again surprises. Started gaming experience on the short term, this tour mood roller coaster ride was still very value.

21 Enter the title screen, the familiar feeling of blowing, sunflower or sunflower tis, and zombies seem to face once again the words “to abuse me!.” Then enter the user name, if you are a Facebook user, here can be directly linked, in real-time display on a social platform games every move. As with previous releases, novice tutorial is essential, but for most players, here should be able to skip. Each subsequent emergence of new elements, the system will conduct a special tutorial to explain, there is no difficulty to get started. Sequel background presumably everyone from the commercials in understanding exposure before a clear picture, the game is not limited to the stage of the garden, but playing through the wind, three well-known world: the pyramids of Egypt, the Vikings and wild West waiting for players to experience, freshness increased.

23 Playing the picture quality to be honest not much different with its predecessor, but it seems that the use of a small number of 3D scene design elements, two sides also enriched a lot of attack effect, so the “new is better than the good old” way of thinking, or view has evolved. Although there is no official description of additional supported devices, but it still has a clear view demo hardware threshold, some of the equipment at the end of the fighting will appear when the number of intensive Caton situation. Species of plants and zombies, naturally it is the players on the sequel to a great looking place, at this point, PVZ2 done a good job. Although the new species can not be considered a big shake, but the iconic plants and enemies or people themselves. For plants, boxing cabbage Needless to say, in terms of performance or performances are absolute highlights of view, is estimated to be many people’s standard; enemy, according to the scene style design, in addition to changing shape, very different attack way also makes people feel fresh.

20 These changes commendable, but for most of this unique place is the play, the kind of “kinds of plants you can leisurely watch a movie” concept is gone.


The first is the skill system, players can fertilize any plants, fertilizer plants will be released after the powerful skills, such as peas, pea shooter gun incarnation after fertilization for linear Luanqiang fire, covered with a layer of potatoes for their own helmets, Even sunflowers can also fertilize to produce a number of instant sunshine. Features access to fertilizers need to kill an enemy, use skill system, whether it is to save games or clearance has a good effect.

17 Gestures nirvana system, by definition, requires players use gestures (kneading, quickly slide, click the drag) to play, and the enemy has one hit kill effect. This setting is obviously borrowed from those that emphasize finger tower defense game inspired, is the most powerful to save games / clearance skills. (Tucao: Kneading gestures slightly egg pain) In Egypt the level, there was an interesting set - lianliankan levels. In this level, players who want to tilt zombie slate pairwise matching to eliminate enemies. Of course, the generation also play a wide variety of hurdles still retained.

19 II gives the greatest feeling, is the “hands restless”, in addition to species of plants, collect sunlight outside, above the new elements you must take into account. And even if the sun does not make you comfortable collection, sucked some enemies will not collect sunlight, holding torches enemies default for any plant can spike, but with ice plants but they can reduce the threat of its torch extinguished. Overall, the game’s rhythm and sense of operation greatly enhance, not cool games to play together.

25 Next came the process design, there are also significant changes in three of the world are covered under the dozens of small points, of which there are key settings, some branches need enough keys to unlock, players can thus obtain a new plant or some props, the overall style and “Super Mario Brothers” is somewhat similar. Checkpoints have ratings, players need to constantly challenge the rating to get enough stars to open the path next world, plus endless challenge mode, visual process can be time consuming.

24 Finally talk about insourcing. When EA announced that the sequel will use the free mode, many people are worried about the game would be destroyed within a purchase, this concern is actually somewhat suspicious. Where the need to spend money to make major purchases of plants, mainly before the emergence of some spike-type plants, the price of 18 yuan / kind; Dave’s shop seems gone, replaced by a system of fertilizer and gestures, both of which can to spend money to buy the game directly the frequency of use, do not use it frequently fairly balanced revenue and expenditure; followed by the key to open the door and various props (opening sunshine doubles with an extra play like a plant), non-essential goods; rather spend Money is the last hurdle ahead of unlocking a need to spend money where, for most players, is also tasteless. Of course, personal technology and difficulty level of contrast is not measurable, nor guarantee that the work will not launch “special for the edition.”

26 A thousand hearts one thousand Hamlet, so this made it with such shortcomings, but also has the advantages of this kind. Objectively speaking, compared to its predecessor, the second generation in the important mechanisms (plants, enemies, operation) changed significantly, not dressed “2″ prefix large DLC only, thankfully. The controversial within the purchase, there is no imbalance to make people want to throw machine, the whole point to the last, after all, developers have to make some clever money, you can understand. Tower defense and puzzle can combine so well, only this one for now, it is strongly recommended!