Claim the first photo of Lumia1520 phablet leakage of Nokia - it’s huge

// 2013年8月30日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 6 inches phablet future of Nokia is called Nokia Lumia1520, has a first dose of old-fashioned device leakage. Courtesy of Lumia1520 central, mobile phone On Windows, dwarfing, cover is broken Lumia1020 r while to reveal its overall design.

We, reportedly, PureView camera packing handset 6 inches 1080P display, polycarbonate body, the 20-megapixel, and quad-core Snapdragon CPU is displayed. Just look photos leaked in the evening on Wednesday, shows that. Give tattoo at the bottom of the device has been found in test unit of Nokia most, it seems a real. In addition, Tom Warren of verge, chime is a real pictures with words.

There is some doubt the reason that they look at the phablet from Windows Phone camp now we just. It comes down to software. Hardware features of high-end will be effective GDR3 update coming soon to a mobile phone platform in Windows. For those looking for, Android smartphone of large-scale, such as Samsung Galaxy (Note) II, we have looked at the success of the market in order to wrap the foot around the big big phone. Lumia1520 of will take phablet market.

The rumor, 1520 of Lumia, Nokia has been shown will announce the tablet to take on iPad in the media event in September.