Lack of evidence the judge said the case will not be accepted power button failure

// 2013年8月30日
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Iphone 5 Aluminum Case Recently, the U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feess said they did not accept the iPhone power button failure cases. According to GigaOm reports, and Charles Thompson Ross Missaghi parties to the court complaint Apple and AT & T is a fraud, corruption organization. Two litigants said Apple obviously already know the iPhone 4 and 4S power button problem, but it has not been made ​​on this issue any remedial measures. img201308301116210 Although the judge Feess lack of evidence does not accept the case, but he gave the two litigants another opportunity - as long as at September 13 to provide sufficient evidence before the court will still accept the case.

In May this year, a woman from Florida filed a class action alleging that Apple iPhone 4 power button has been informed of the case there is a problem still continue to sell the goods.