Offer approaching the next generation iPhone AT & T to cancel staff leave

// 2013年8月30日
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Iphone 5 Aluminum Case Long been rumors that the next generation iPhone in September 10 after the press conference officially unveiled, will be on sale September 20. Wei Feng network Aug. 30 message, multiple sources pointed out that the U.S. carrier AT & T will cancel the second half of September employees leave, to some extent confirmed these rumors.

The first iPhone was released from the beginning, AT & T in the corresponding period a year are canceled staff leave and other relevant operators are also generally the case. BGR got the news, said outside the station, AT & T in the second half of September, there is no other high-end phones available for sale, which means that they must prepare for the iPhone.

In fact just recently, T-Mobile has canceled its employees on September 20 to 22 vacation. Thus, although AT & T’s blackout time is not T-Mobile so accurate, but a new generation of iPhone will be on sale September 20 should be no problem.

According to the existing information, the next generation iPhone has a stronger performance in addition to outside, will be equipped with fingerprint recognition technology and dual LED flash, another camera pixels may also have improved significantly.