Samsung to show off range of printers at IFA, including NFC-ready Xpress C460 and concept smartphone printer docks

// 2013年8月30日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 The IFA next week , you only need to scan documents and images to be stored in the mobile phone or tap it against the machine , it is possible to print or file from the smartphone and want to send by FAX, Samsung printer of new NFC-enabled , appears , the C460 of Xpress. In addition , the exhibition includes printer of three concepts that are not shown what can it was designed for public consumption yet, but it is possible in the near future .

The first of these , indie , looks like a smartphone dock of much more common . Of being a speaker to connect your phone to you instead , the only difference is that the printer it . This is printed from a mobile phone - and at the same time , please charge it - as Samsung Galaxy S4 in like this .

Between wave is a mono laser printer that can be a user to specify a spot color of additional One & One is a separate cyan , from yellow or magenta in fact , be printed in two colors , are similar , and many more ” organic I am with the beauty of the typical ” design .

However , it is of C460 Xpress become centerpiece of the collection . Offer printing with the NFC pairs as well , because it is a direct printing with Wi-Fi so that you can send the file to your printer at home or , inevitably , carry it through the Google Drive come office that does not require NFC phone , the cloud print , no matter where you are .

We were able better to support the business needs of our customers better by focusing on one area ” three , take advantage of know-how in the mobile space - in the field communication particularly large , collaboration, connectivity is , ” mark Ash , General Manager , Samsung UK mentioned in print .

In addition , focus “This , by the NFC printing technology . Company has led to launch the C460 of Xpress NFC-enabled printer series , the world’s first , we companies and government agencies have seen we have increased our demand for printing beyond the house to include , seeking to expand the target market we . “