Vodafone 4G: We, every 30 minutes by switching to the new site

// 2013年8月30日
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phpqsfy7nAluminum Case for iphone 5 It promises the next two months, that has been added to every 30 minutes in the capital of the new site, 4G service of Vodafone giant telecommunications, went live in the UK.

Company that has been caught up playing to cover 100 cities in EE in the UK, plans to aggressively expand quickly and service of its 4G for several months.

Development also that, Sheffield added Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham is included in the end of September.

Guy Lawrence, has given a reason for excitement. It to switch every 30 minutes on a new site we we, the people and is here 4G Vodafone’s ultra high-speed Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone UK I have said (CEO). Since the start of the planning of 4G, a few days,. People of more than 20,000 people have signed up we

Than today, was released on August 12, all customers of Vodafone red business support 4G Vodafone and red 4G support, to get the services of 4G in London 4G response plan of Vodafone.

According to the online news tracker Vodafone, it is intended that the invention not be limited to central London simply, 4G signal does reach out and walking Ascot, Windsor, and as long as Harlow.

The O2, the coverage suggests be limited to Bradford central London, Leeds and immediate start the service today on the other hand. Also, I promise that you add the connectivity of 4G to the number of cities by the end of the year.