Analysis of the situation on the conference may decide whether to hold out

// 2013年8月31日
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Recently consumers want to buy the iPhone may have some small tangle : yes Buy Now iPhone 5, or wait for iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C it ? For the next generation of the iPhone, many uncertainties still exist , and even the release date is not September 10 is not OK. If you insist on waiting for the new generation iPhone, likely will wait to these types of results :

Plot a , Apple released iPhone 5S, or a pair of slightly upgraded version iPhone 5 img201308302034460 For iPhone 5S, anecdotal its appearance with the iPhone 5 is almost , but is a lot to upgrade the processor . Past experience with : iPhone 3G with 3GS, iPhone 4 with the 4S, so now everyone on the iPhone 5S rumors not surprised.

If you have a processor upgrade 5S , then most likely A7 chip , camera and scalable space . Screen may remain four inches , the capacity can be increased , because Apple does not also recently launched a 128 GB version of the iPad yet ?

For everyone looking for NFC and fingerprint recognition , if the launch of the iPhone 5S, these two functions is unlikely to occur , but also reported that the earliest of these two functions of the iPhone have to wait until 2014 .

If Apple only launched iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 would not be so quick stop , maybe prices will slightly downward. Just contact Apple users can wait until then to start again iPhone 5, as an entry device. Apple currently only lowered the price of the iPhone 4 , so now you want to buy equipment prices , can only choose iPhone 4.

Plot two : Apple just released iPhone 5C, or a low-cost iPhone img201308302034461 Rumors iPhone 5C of the iPhone price is even lower than it is now , but the plastic material will be replaced . If the iPhone 5C price is the lowest number of iPhone , just contact Apple consumers may wish to start with a first try , be experiencing one pair iOS system familiarization . But if you want to upgrade from the iPhone 4 users, such a result would white , and upgrade to the iPhone 5 may be the better choice.

Plot Three: Apple released the iPhone 6, or that is a major update of the iPhone

This is for every Apple users is good news . Handheld iPhone 5 fruit powder can not wait to replace a brand new iPhone , and this is a symbol of Apple stepping forward to help bring the freshness of fruit powder . If Apple really release iPhone 6, how long to wait is worth it. And by that time , iPhone 5 price higher likelihood to buy a new machine consumers will have two choices: price cuts and a new iPhone 5 iPhone 6.