iPad dropped 22 percent share in China needs new products to stimulate

// 2013年8月31日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Leading analyst firm IDC recently released the latest research report, the data show the iPad market share in China is suffering a sharp decline.

IDC said that in this year’s second quarter, iPad market share fell significantly dropped from the initial 50% to 28%. Although the iPad is currently still is the most popular Tablet PC, but competitors are catching up. Samsung’s market share was 11%, Lenovo also has 8%.

IDC’s researchers believe that Chinese consumers are gradually increasing understanding of the Tablet PC is the iPad market share dropped a big reason that people now tend to choose those cheap and poor performance without devices, such as those “price of 699 yuan, 8-inch screen of the Tablet PC. ““In fact, 46% of the share belongs to these products.” The researchers wrote.

In addition, the new iPad release delayed to some extent, also played a role, it is absent in the second quarter has been making domestic users hold out quite puzzled.

However, with the next-generation iPad later this year and the arrival of iPad mini, domestic consumers will once again be ignited enthusiasm. In this being, Retina iPad mini market performance worth the wait.