New Verizon iPhone OK Cancel 20 employees on leave

// 2013年8月31日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Our next-generation iPhone is really getting closer distance, through the reports we already know AT & T, T-Mobile employees have been canceled in the second half of September holiday. Wei Feng network August 31 news, this time Verizon has also taken action.

According to the sources saying, Verizon has canceled its employees 18 to 22 September vacation, which T-Mobile cancellation of September 20 to 22 leave the move should have a contact. AT & T’s blackout time is unknown, but basically the same in this time period can be determined.

Anecdotal previously thought, a new generation of iPhone will be on sale September 20. Now, the three major U.S. carriers action invariably confirmed what people think. Outside the station confirmed that AT & T in the second half of September will not publish other high-end mobile phone, then it must do to prepare for the new iPhone.