“Zombies 2″ has exceeded 25 million downloads

// 2013年8月31日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 As a popular hand travel “Zombies,” the sequel, “Zombies 2″ (Plants vs. Zombies 2) continues a fiery first-generation products. Wei Feng network news August 31, following the 10 days before the break 16 million mark, “Zombies 2″ was downloaded and is now reached a new milestone - 25 million.

EA said in a blog post, “Zombies 2″ has been downloaded more than Zombies game download total generation, not only broke the record of other games EA, App Store has created a new record for game applications .

Prior to this, the developer PopCap CEO Dave Roberts had accepted the media interview, the players for “Zombies 2” enthusiasm make them feel incredible. He said that regardless of which person down EA did not think downloads will soar so fast. The day of the release of the game was downloaded already five months with the same data as before, but on a PC, to achieve this figure took almost a year.