Android game market first super apple getting better cross-platform operation

// 2013年9月1日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 When the ” exquisite simplicity , high quality” Apple launched the iPhone , the ” technology to shedding oriented” cried Nokia , Symbian, deadwood , grafted “Mango ” has not yet matured ; when the open-source Android system Tigers down the potential to seize the smart phone market , “perennial second” Samsung laughed , Galaxy S III flagship product offering two monthly sales break 10 million . Of course, you may support the national industry still misses playing the night ” over the moon ” and save the entire ship ’s cottage .

Second quarter of 2012 active Android and iOS platform mobile phone brands ( Source: Friends of the Union )

Smart mobile terminal market turmoil and changes around the Android and iOS camps tip -to-head contest initiated. The latest statistics show , iOS devices accounted for 43.5% of the market active devices , Android accounted for 56.5 percent . Brands , Samsung ranked first in the Android market , but active phone Apple’s share is about 2/5. If we say that every four active Android phone is Samsung have one machine , then every five active phone has two sets is the iPhone.

Intelligent terminal in full swing, providing value-added services in the mobile Internet , the same happened with earth-shaking changes. The third quarter will appear Chinese mobile game industry an inflection point , Android will become the global smart phone shipments in the largest market in the hands of the most profitable swim platform , is expected in the second half of the market size will more than 30 million yuan , but before the iOS platform achieve long years of monopoly .

Apple users has been a high active , high- paying features, attract worldwide tailored to their intelligent application developers and gaming . In order to reach one billion downloads of the ” Angry Birds ” for example, multiple versions of the game after update , and now in the App Store still six yuan to pay to download . In the Android platform , more than a dozen mainstream Android Market are available for free download to the game. China region users prefer free access to games , so they are willing to open their wallets and are often purchased in-game value-added services. It is an indisputable fact that the game industry , but also directly affect the hand travel market , the Android mobile games market size to come from behind one of the most important reasons .

Looking at 2012 hand travel market , first in the Top Grossing Android platform to test the water and then the old way of being forgotten, more mobile games have been released simultaneously achieve two major platforms . In the hugely popular Android platform a variety of games , landed iOS and other platforms to achieve Android game ” counter-attack .” Among these, the most representative magical era in the development of mobile games ” forgotten fairy ” in the Android platform on the line the first day of break people online , and now in the App Store bestsellers we can easily find it on the first screen name . The same purpose as well as ” World OL”, this turn-based mobile games monthly income approaching ten million , on revenue of large -scale par client game , and now also launched the iOS version.

Upcoming Sept. 1 at the National Convention Center 2012 ( autumn ) CocoaChina Developers Conference , two company executives will attend and keynote speech on stage , it ’s cross-platform mobile gaming operator depth discussion . Meanwhile, the guests as well as from the air network “pocket war” planning director Zhang Qin , he will do “mobile gaming design, development and operation of tourism products and the end point and the analogy ” the keynote speech .

In addition, Touch Technology CEO Chen Haozhi , Cocos2D-X core of Wang Zhe , NetDragon Brainy Wireless Product Director Zou Jianfeng , vice president of Epic Games Diao Jin Chong, daughter of Vice President Cui Hao and other mobile Internet elite dozen speakers have been confirmed as . From Taiwan , Korea, Japan and the United States multi-vendor executives will gather in Beijing to share success stories, at the meeting of the mobile Internet market development and changes, and the theme is bound to be cross-platform development and operations.