Apple’s new design BUG Reporting Services on-line

// 2013年9月1日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Before the start of this year’s WWDC conference, Apple’s new BUG briefly on-line reporting tool, and then quickly disappear. Wei Feng network September 1 news, this new design recently finally back.

In the developer community, Apple has always had on the development of resources and tools indifferent to fame. BUG reporting tools as people submit Apple systems, applications, services, channels of the problems in this regard was reflected more obvious. So the new on-line reporting tools BUG gave developers looking forward to, but it was only on the line for nearly a day, because of unknown problems encountered rushed off the assembly line.

It is understood that developers BUG reflect the new on-line reporting tool has no obvious problems, it is on the basis of innovation in the interface adds more new features. These new features include duplicate submission BUG reminder, known BUG search, attachment upload simplified operation and so on.

Previously, developers have complained for BUG Reporting Services is the most “Apple no matter what,” many BUG go after submission came to nothing. One reason for the new design of the BUG Reporting Services is excited because a lot of people think that this is Apple’s release of a signal: they will begin to attach importance to the developer community.