“Gods Must Be Crazy” sequel middle of this month on sale

// 2013年9月1日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Elite enthusiasts who might be interested in Bullfrog studio years ago that section Gods Must Be Crazy,” remember, relive the classic opportunity soon came. Considered its sequel “Godus” will be September 13 landing Mac platform.

In the year of the “Gods Must Be Crazy“, the players need to play one pair has the reins of the world god, you must rely on his followers to build their city, and confrontation with rival gods. Extensive operational, combat elements and gorgeous magic so many players mesmerizing. “Godus” will continue this style, and into the “Dungeon Keeper“, “black and white” classic setting.

“Godus” creator Peter molyneux Bullfrog studio is the central figure, it can be said that the legendary game developers. He was named 2004 American College of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame, and received the Queen of England granted the British Empire. There he led, “Godus” worth the wait. Peter molyneux said in an interview, this can be considered as Gods Must Be Crazy,” the sequel.

It is understood that the game began funding the Kickstarter site after just two days time to complete the £ 450,000 to raise funds sufficient to show we expect from it. With players of the total contributions gradually increased, developers promise will create more elements of the game.

Interested players can buy on Steam this for, priced at $ 19.99. Its iOS version is also planned, but the development team did not give details.