In order to facilitate communication with family grandparents iPad application development

// 2013年9月1日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Advanced age of Charlie and Mary have six children, eight grandchildren (or grandson, granddaughter), and distributed throughout the United States. This gives two elderly people and their families to communicate a lot of inconvenience, because the use of long-distance telephone charges are too high, and not to the power of Skype, so the two old-yourself ingenuity, has developed a product called FamZoom iPad app.

FamZoom application designed to help family members can perform real-time and warm family interaction. Multiple users can interact with their family members in real-time voice chat, video chat, online gaming, simultaneous graffiti, reading or online shopping. All in all, everything can be displayed simultaneously on multiple users of the iPad screen.

Mary said in an interview, FamZoom biggest feature is the synchronization. IPad and grandmother can be thousands of miles away grandson, granddaughter to play with intelligence jigsaw puzzle.

FamZoom only help separated family members all over the communication links, but also to help patients and timely communication between hospitals. In order to better help communication between family members, but also with wife Mary Ronald McDonald House Charities website at Indiegogo organized fundraisers. The proceeds of the lottery they plan to buy iPad and installed in Denver and Tampa McDonald’s fast food restaurant. So that people dine at McDonald’s when you can easily use the iPad FamZoom applications and their friends and family. If the results are good, they also plan to install in the U.S. McDonald’s iPad.

Currently this application is not on the line in the App Store and is awaiting Apple’s approval. But Mary is confident FamZoom can pass the audit, because the program is fully in line with effective September 1 Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act” (COPPA). iOS version passed, Mary also plans to launch an Android version and the web version.