Three seconds to change master easily hold live Ali cloud OS

// 2013年9月1日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Today is definitely a mainstream smart phone , but no contact with the user , one can see “smart ” word, often daunting, for fear that they can not hold live . In fact, this fear not absolutely necessary, an easy- to-use smart phones, even if there is no contact with the user , you can also change the master for three seconds . Throughout today’s smart phones , Ali cloud OS is undoubtedly a very easy to use , can easily hold live , do not believe essays were read on.

First second : one will see , the use of Ali cloud OS without brainer

2011 release, Ali cloud OS has stated a simple and easy to do the smart phone operating system, while Ali cloud understanding, easy to use , meaning users do not need to install too many means third-party tools , directly in the system to provide users with services.

Desire is very beautiful, so realistic it ? Should be said that the efforts of Ali cloud OS , or receive a corresponding return, said its first screen interface settings, we were able to derive ” simple and easy ” impression. Ali cloud OS , the first screen set the status bar at the top , including traffic statistics, time and date, the network mute switch , both display information and can simplify user operations , at the bottom of both sides of the call , SMS icon, you can go directly to foundation communication capabilities.

In addition to the status bar and basic communication , but Ali cloud OS first screen presents other area is the application icon , encompassing all user installed applications , you can slide up and down view , from the user to enter the function menu interface cumbersome operation. Long press icon to enter the adjustment interface , either rearrange the icons , you can directly delete the application , the most important is to support the establishment of a desktop folder , user organize classified .

Second second : the ubiquitous cloud services , data backup synchronization easier

Smartphone is so popular, with its rich applications are inseparable, that the white application is the service , nothing is moved to the platform on smartphones only. Ali cloud OS in the birth of the day , it is stressed that he relies on a strong cloud computing technology , a variety of cloud services in Ali cloud OS, everywhere.

Cloud space backup synchronization Ali cloud OS relies is a cloud service, click the bottom of the phone cloud key can be found in the interface cloud space services. Users in the cloud space , you can choose a backup phone data , including contacts, text messages , call history, pictures , notes , etc., combined with cloud assistants can synchronize data from the cloud to the phone’s features , all this is based on cloud computing cloud services.

Cloud space Ali cloud OS backup synchronization is the flagship service , except in addition there are many cloud-based computing technology cloud services, such as cloud maps, notes and other clouds , where the cloud is a very sticky notes to reflect the advantages of cloud service representative . First, support for text input cloud notes , except that the return is saved , no further action , the use of relatively simple. Cloud also has support for voice notes picture notes, cloud sync and sharing space backup and other characteristics , the user, is indeed very convenient.

Third seconds : No applications are not smart , Ali cloud OS install the application it-yourself

As a smart phone , a colorful nature is essential for the application , and the third second , take a look at how Ali cloud OS, easy to install various applications. Many smart phone software market is the main way of installed applications , Ali cloud OS is no exception, but Ali cloud OS returned to the user to provide an alternative mode - Cloud Client .

First in Cloud Client installed on the PC , and then connect your phone to the PC and select “Connect to cloud space ” option , then the cloud client displays basic information . Installing applications can be divided into central and local APK application in two ways, either in the cloud user client application center to select and install the application , you can also import local APK file install .

Ali cloud OS install applications as the main way , Ali cloud cloud client computing to build next , with two major advantages . One is the download speed by up to other third-party market test basic twice ; second is extremely high compatibility , each client applications into the cloud , have been Ali cloud OS platform multi-model testing, can guarantee high compatibility .

After more than three seconds, and I believe that many users have called Ali cloud OS quasi- expert in the use of basic functions and applications install extensions are able to easily grasp. Ali cloud OS , however , there are many tips to use , such as double- cloud key shots, long press the HOME key to enter the application management interface , etc., require the user to continue to explore , this is where the wonderful smartphone .