Unique new tour “Meow star’s victory” has started to develop

// 2013年9月1日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Early in this year’s PAX game show, “Super Meat Boy” (Super Meat Boy) developer Team Meat took one of his new work plan unveiled in which this is named “Meow star’s victory” (Mew-Genics) games have sought from conception to screen different, and will be a wider audience as the protagonist Meng gas cat to develop, in this game, players will meow star with these aspects of the person interaction.

 Whether it is a screenshot from the developer release, or recently released trailer video, are very difficult to define the type of the game, which is the official website of the Team Meat and advice on Facebook hottest issues, but the official did not give this very clear reply, just mention the game which will include breeding to develop, fighting, exploring, racing and other fun elements.

As for the game time and landing platform, remember even earlier “Meow star’s victory” was once iOS exclusive game will be explosive, but the recent official blog from Team Meat can be clearly informed that the work in addition to the iOS platform, but also will be landing Steam, XBOX and other platforms, the fastest in 2014, meet with the players, and interested friends can remain together with Wei Feng network concerned.