Using genuine and good habits are electronic security equipment

// 2013年9月1日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 - An Apple USB power adapter required in the official website to buy 149 yuan , but to the outside or on the Internet to more than twenty able to buy the power adapter, also with a data cable . - Develop good habits electronic equipment - The use of official power adapter to a piece of equipment is fully charged takes about five hours , but with the knockoff 19 hours to fully charge . - Many countries worldwide Apple launched cottage USB adapter redemption activity .

iPad, iPhone everywhere, cafes, shopping malls , bus stops , it seems that in every public place can see the figure of iOS devices . Because sought after by consumers , iPad, and iPhone are also frequently appear in major newspapers and websites technology headlines . But sometimes not all good news.

Frustrating is that these with our closest living electronic devices, endanger our lives from time to time came the news . iPad and iPhone power adapter to the user left a very dangerous impression. Is it really ? Or should we blame those irresponsible cottage manufacturers , not only hurt the user’s body , but also cause consumers to panic.

It turns out that most of the causes of the accident are cottage apple charger. Since they know the culprit is the failure of third-party accessories, why consumers will still buy it ? Very simple, price.

Macworld ( UK ) Web site editor David Price wrote in an article : ” the market there are many well-known Apple accessories , as long as the purchase of these well-known brands will be fine .” “I never buy or stall in the street called online shopping Apple’s official iPad power adapter and I suggest that you do not easily believe . ”

The world is being used in the iPad and iPhone more than 600 million units , only a few there was an accident , the safety factor would have seen is very high, but because of these substandard counterfeit chargers exist , resulting in an increase in the accident rate .

From the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) , Dr. Kevin Koren said: ” Whenever a well-known manufacturer of their products will be tested and had just shipped , including Apple .” IEEE is an international electronic technology and Information Science engineers Association , is the world ’s largest technical professional organizations. Dr. Koren is a senior member of IEEE . Dr. Koren continued: “But the non-authorized products may cause some problems. Those products can be used on the iPhone or iPad , but not factory produced and I can understand why people choose cheaper charger. Few years ago I also bought one, but I never experienced dare not touch the cottage after the explosion of the charger . ”

This is why Apple decided to help consumers identify unofficial charger. Ironically, these identification marks cottage manufacturers will soon become the basis for further imitation .

Some may argue : the charger if it is genuine, it will have an accident . This is the problem of probability , but also with the use of their own bad habits . Dr. Koren said: ” to remind people not in charge when the call , just as a reminder that in the open microwave door is best to unplug the power .” We do not often hear microwave explosion accidents do ? Sometimes, because of an inadvertent bad habits will lead to tragedy . Dr. Koren is very safe to say that after the charger current is usually not enough to make people died of electric shock .

Readers may want to know is that for a long time will be inserted in the iPhone or iPad charger, safe? Many users are accustomed to sleep before the iPhone or iPad plugged in charging , unplug the next morning , and sometimes even forgotten , only to go through a day and night, coming back again pulled out. Which is a bad habit of charging you ?

As we all know , many of today’s electronic devices can automatically disconnect the power supply is fully charged , the Apple device as well. But one thing is likely that most people do not know that we usually do not turn off background programs habits, how many of these daemons will consume little power , as well as Wi-Fi or 3G are open, location-based services are open , even if the screen is off these programs and services are eating electricity. So when the device is less than 100% of the electricity starts when the charger has started up, stunned is to device filled to 100%.

I was told his thrilling personal experience : he was a well-known brand with a data cable ( charger is Apple original ) electric stuck the iPad , after a day and night come home and find the data line 30-pin connector surface melt rubber layer has been burned , chargers nothing , iPad all right, but fortunately did not burn up . Since then, he no longer uses non- original data cable, but still hardcore , iPad will occasionally stuck electricity went out , came back after ten hours unplugged. But still not out of an accident.

In fact , even if not from a security point of view, considering the battery life from the device only , we try not to lay charge the device through the night . Apple users are aware , iOS device battery charge cycles is limited, the battery also has its life. Dr. Koren reminder : “iOS device battery charging times ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 times , to see what kind of equipment which means that if the charger plugged in all night , kept power devices , chargers and constantly the device is fully charged , so a night off , the battery may be subjected to repeated charging 30-40 , gradually reducing the battery life . ”

So we still have to develop a fully charged it unplugged habits. Some people may not know that the iPhone or iPad fully charged how long it takes . In fact , using the original charger takes longer than the use of non- original charger for a lot less. According Techhive site to do a test , a iPad 4 use the original charger takes 5 hours and 9 minutes fully charged , but if you use non-original charger , you will need 19 hours 13 minutes .

Further , iPhone 5 with the original charger only 2 hours 16 minutes completely filled , as Lightning causes the interface , the charging and data transfer speed has improved. Use of non- original Lightning charger need only 2 hours 57 minutes can be filled , but the need to remind users that , Lightning is Apple ’s patented technology, currently only a small number of well-known manufacturers of accessories technology licensing , think , accessories manufacturers need to pay licensing fees to Apple , Lightning data lines can be cheap? If you hit a cheap so-called ” Apple Certified Lightning charging data cable “, you need to provide wary .

If we use the original charger to charge iPad iPhone , at least 10 hours or more.

Apple’s actions

Here to remind every one purchased unofficial charger Apple users , as soon as October 18 , carrying you buy cottage chargers, go to Apple retail stores or Apple Authorized shop to redeem an official Apple charger, redemption price of 68 yuan .

Accusations that Apple took the opportunity to promote their own charger, Apple is not a question from a user perspective. The fact is how are we doing ?

Reporters had 10 dollars with a high imitation of Apple and their Apple device charger , go to Wangfujing Apple retail stores , plus 68 yuan , the smooth exchange for a price of 149 yuan in the official website of Apple original charger. So doing, 78 yuan can buy a genuine, original charger Apple has never discounted the official website , and this is simply a rare opportunity. As for the online price is only seventy-eight ten so-called “Apple original charger ,” retail staff told reporters , these are counterfeit products, Apple original charger never had such a low price .

If you are not sure of their own hands charger is not genuine, you can take it from the Apple retail store clerk to help you identify. Apple recycling those third-party accessories will be destroyed in an environmentally friendly manner .