Apple increased its market share in China is expected to catch up with Samsung chips

// 2013年9月2日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Currently in China’s smart phone market, although Samsung is a single large, but if Apple is able to meet the following two conditions, they will be able to catch up with Samsung: First launch low-cost iPhone, the other one is to achieve cooperation with China Mobile.

Apple is currently in the market growth rate is very slow, in part because they were unable to achieve cooperation with China Mobile, China Mobile, the number of users has reached 740 million people. While Apple CEO Tim Cook and China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua had held talks in July, but has not yet seen the results of the talks.

However, the relationship between Apple and China Mobile may have been some progress. Earlier there was news that Apple’s new device will support China Mobile’s 3G/4G network standards. UBS forecast Apple next year through China Mobile to sell 17 million iPhone, some of which are iPhone 5C, UBS think it will occupy 10% of the overall iPhone sales.

Last week, the domestic media burst, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C has passed the Ministry of the audit, China Telecom and China Unicom will be on sale in September Both devices than previously predicted two months ahead of time. Of course, these have not been confirmed, but this implies a new iPhone this year in mainland China market, time may be a little earlier than usual.

These may be for Apple is good news, after all, in the second quarter, Apple’s global smartphone shipments of Apple’s almost twice as much. Samsung’s market share in China more than 10 percentage points higher than Apple. Apple’s latest earnings report, said that they in Greater China revenue fell 14 percent, so Apple urgent need for new equipment to boost their morale in the Chinese market.