Difficult to give nine feature lets iPhone users loyal high

// 2013年9月2日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Earlier analysis firm conducted a survey and found that iPhone users ‘ loyalty is extremely high, most people will be Apple’s next phone handsets, consumers rarely changing platforms . So, Apple’s ecosystem has a kind of charm ? Blog site Gigaom summed up the following nine :

1 , is shared between users in the iCloud Photo Stream

Let your photos across multiple devices sharing is very convenient to work with iCloud users to share their happy moments even praised. Users can stream photos to others comment or simply click ” like”, this experience is different from other photo sharing applications . The problem is that you just out of Apple’s ecological environment will not be able to enjoy this service it. Thus , the replacement of the system means that you have to leave or be shared to share those memories .

2, iMessage and FaceTime

iMessage is Apple’s information systems, is a carrier messaging service alternatives. FaceTime is a video phone calls extension that allows you to see each other’s real-time response . Although these services now have a lot of competitors , but if you frequently use iMessage and FaceTime calls with friends and family , to leave them is not so easy, after all, not everyone has multiple voice , video services account .

3, Game Center friends , game data and scores

If you are an avid player , then you must invest in the Game Center on a lot of time and effort. Those friends , achievements, scores , grades are all stored in the Game Center account . Of course , OpenFeint, Google Play Games where these platforms have similar characteristics . But let a player start all over again after replacing the handset is not an easy thing.

4, iTunes media library

ITunes and iPod before the DRM locks are more stringent, but in recent years the situation has been changed , your music library is now more portable. iTunes music library can only be transferred between an iOS device . Although the replacement of equipment can also be done manually after the transfer , but the workload can be imagined . If you bought on iTunes but also movies, TV shows or even iBook eBook , then it is more difficult to give up, because they are limited in Apple’s ecosystem .

5, AirPlay and AirPrint

As long as there AirPlay, it can be music, video, or display content to multiple devices . In addition, the printer manufacturers began to introduce more and more products that support AirPrint , which allows you to more easily print content on iOS devices . If you have purchased a lot and AirPlay, AirPrint related equipment, it will replace the phone system does not allow them to greatly reduce the ease of use you ?

6, iCloud data synchronization and backup

iCloud iOS system is able to synchronize Mac computers with file data , which is also a major attraction. Although you can use Dropbox to synchronize this network disk files, but it is after all, no native iOS features as easy . In addition , OS X has a very easy to use Power Nap function can automatically synchronize during sleep iOS devices variety of documents and information , other services can not do this .

7 , charging cable and accessories

When you begin to live in a world full of Apple devices , you will find yourself charging cable and accessories started up , and they basically have a common characteristic - Apple Special . Well, you have the heart to let them in for mobile phone after all the unemployed do ?

8 , Apple extended warranty service

Consumers can purchase for their iPhone AppleCare + service , extended warranty time as well as better quality of services, including no warranty under normal warranty content . Best of all , AppleCare service is not just limited to iPhone, but also be able to cover all relevant Apple devices , is indeed very convenient.

9 , all of the iOS exclusive application

For a number of applications have already purchased the users, turning from the Android iOS platform equally painful . However , iOS platform but has a lot of exclusive applications . If you are an iOS user , and also happens to be your exclusive applications that a common , then for an Android or Windows Phone mobile phone will need to carefully consider it.