Suspected iPhone 5C packaging materials and SIM card ejector exposure

// 2013年9月2日
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 Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Recently Sina Weibo user C Technology once again exposed the information about the iPhone 5C. As the conference approaches, the current exposure of the content is not part of the equipment, but a new machine packaging material (including user manuals and SIM card thimble).

Pictures from the exposure point of view, the packaging material of the iPhone front is black, then the shell is white. Exposure of the picture on the equipment, black front, white shell and the month after the manufacturer Pegatron from Apple out of the picture at the same exposure. White wallpaper and white background also explains the “iPhone 5C” commensurate with color wallpaper.

Also in this figure is above the SIM card ejector and paper materials. From these semi-elliptical paper materials, we can see it with previous exposure semi-elliptical shape of the box iPhone 5C consistent.

As for the iPhone 5C’s internal specifications, news that the iPhone 5 it active and non-discriminatory. iPhone 5S will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor, processor speed, improved camera functionality and add new color version. Apple is expected to be held in September 10 conference to launch iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, and September 20 officially on sale the new machine