4th Design Blade 5 Premium Aluminum bumper case for iphone 5 Black

// 2013年9月10日
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4th Design Blade 5 Premium Aluminum bumper case for iphone 5 Black Tiger Design, now called 4th Design Blade 5 iPhone 5 Aluminium Bumper, struck gold when it first released the Blade bumper for the iPhone 4. The Blade 5 iPhone 5 Case was a one-of-a-kind CNC machined metal bumper that felt and looked like a well oiled weapon more than the simple protective accessory it really was behind all the tough metal armor. And that’s a iPhone 5 case in point that Korean design can be unique. 4th Design’s newly released Blade 5 iPhone 5 Case is yet another aluminum bumper continuation of epic street cred proportions. It is a heat seeking missile homing in on iPhone 5 users and their deep pockets. We managed to get our hands on the Blade 5 iPhone 5 Cases before its official debut, and boy we so excited. So be sure to check out the full in-depth review down below to see how it stacks up against the Japanese Draco 5 rival.

The Blade 5 iPhone 5 Metal Case is a CNC machined aluminum bumper with an improved design that is said to substantially increase reception performance. If you haven’t heard about the original Blade iPhone 5 bumper, its all-aluminum construction did impede on reception considerably. But this time, we are pleased that 4th Design did improve the signal reception with the Blade 5 iPhone 5 Aluminium Bumper. Going straight into the reception results first - with the Blade 5 on, I’ve noticed a drop in a full solid bar on reception. And if we take a closer look at the raw precise numbers behind the bar graphics using Field Test, the results show -87dB without the Blade 5 on and -96dB with the Blade 5 on. So while these results aren’t as great as what 4th Design claims, we don’t think they’re bad at all given the fact that the Blade 5 is full of aluminum goodness. Let’s not forget that results will always vary when using aluminum-type cases.