Deff Cleave Expensive Case for iphone 5 Aluminum

// 2013年9月10日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Deff Cleave Expensive Case for iphone 5 Aluminum Waistline this concept, is the classic metal frame, beginning from iphone5, waistline metal frame on the achievements of the perfect curve of her classic start. Frequently used metal frame friends, I believe will know it.

  In addition to the perfect curve on both sides is a classic, two-color design is the highlight of this border, seemingly more popular in 13 years began to hit the color of the word, have launched a lot of shell-color or three-color mix mashup concept, waistline is no exception, this the launch of the latest, is the use of upper and lower color mix design, the absolute icing on the cake, not superfluous. Deff_Cleave_Expensive_Case_for_iphone_5