Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops iphone 5 Aluminum Case

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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops iphone 5 Aluminum Case Free Shipping

Compatible Brand:Apple iPhones Type:Cell phone Case Material: Metal or Aluminum Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 5 Product Description

The case comes in two pieces, along with four small Hex screws (as two extras) as well as a small hex wrench to assemble the case. If you re not used to assembling a case, don t worry, it s pretty easy.

The larger piece of the case slides onto your iPhone 5, and it is a very snug fit. there s a slight lining on the inside to keep the case from scratching your iPhone, which would be quite likely otherwise, as this thing is machined to fit extremely snugly. Once inside, simply put the right side pieces on, insert and tighten the screws, and you re done.

The fit and finish is of an EXTREMELY high quality, and it feels like your iPhone is inside a suit of armor. I m not sure how much shock protection the case provides Element Case claims the interior lining provides shock absorption, but given how thin that lining is, I have my doubts. That being said, I did drop my iPhone on a wood floor a couple times, and both case and phone look brand new, so who knows.

I would not recommend thinking you have your phone in an Otterbox case just the same.

I can t think of a more visually drool-worthy iPhone case than the Vapor case from Element Case . Machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and then anodized to create a hard protective coating, it is the only iPhone case I know of that still has a 6-week waiting period a full few months after going on sale. Starting at $90 and going up depending on options and colors, the price of the Vapor doesn t seem to be hurting demand. But is it justified?

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