Cool Metal UAG Case for iphone 5

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Cool Metal UAG Case for iphone 5 Product Features: + Super Four combinations: metal surface shell + soft + jacket + Metal Neto velvet interior patch protection; + Protective shell layer using anodized aviation aluminum manufacturing abrasion resistance, wrestling, metallic texture; + Floor using high quality soft silicone, soft and delicate, comprehensive care; + Three Neto made ​​of stainless steel, fixed throughout the protective shell, enhanced anti-drop performance; + Velvet lining with high-quality stickers, a full range of personal protection on the phone, never injured. + Soft silicone angular position of the four slightly convex surface and the metal shell, smooth and well protected metal is not hurt by grinding, to drop, add a double protection shock + Camera decoration, played a finishing touch, appearance; design height and slope angle of the camera phones play a certain condenser, dark role in enhancing the clarity of the camera. + Metal shell six screws are tightened combination play rival layers of the role of the chassis, while enhancing the shell extreme beauty, played a decorative role. + Silicone title bits around the edges of the metal casing complete package together, will not hurt the hand, enhances the user feel. + Middle embossed metal shell and surrounding the ribs, so look more personality, while greatly enhanced strength, will shock, drop, anti-distortion function up to the extreme. Cool_Metal_UAG_Case_for_iphone_5