Imatch Metal Bumper for iPhone 5-Silver

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Imatch Metal Bumper for iPhone 5(Free Shipping) Imatch Aluminium Metal Bumper feature: Rugged, Lightweight and versatile design. Laser engraved logo and graphic. Well placed and delicate design space for your favorite iphone 5 chain. Easy access to headphone jack, hold switch and dock connector. . Keep your iphone 5 protected from dust and scratches in this durable aluminum case Aluminum bumper with a complimentary crystal metallic key

This Imatch Aluminium Metal Bumper tailored specifically for the iPhone 5,does not affect the signal reception and GPS navigation , Perfect support for all of the data thread, charging port and will not be blocked to the ear hole. Imatch Aluminium Metal Bumper for iPhone 5 Provides great protection in a stylish way,more optional fashionable colors.

Metal Bumper for iPhone 5 Silver